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What is the BeAM Design Innovation Hub?

The BeAM Design Innovation Hub is a unique resource for design and fabrication assistance. Our mission is to facilitate and complement research of all types by providing services in a wide range of disciplines:

  • engineering consultation
  • design
  • fabrication
  • prototyping

The Design Innovation Hub proudly supports research initiatives in the BeAM MakerSpaces.

What can the Design Innovation Hub do for you?

“The BeAM Design Innovation Hub at UNC was crucial to my doctoral research! In order to evaluate the effectiveness of household water filters, I needed a way to precisely measure the water use in people‚Äôs homes…”

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Interesting Things We’ve Worked On

ACC INventure Exhibit

Exhibited at 2019 ACC INventure Event, Washington DC


Ball Conveyor

Microcontrolled vertical ball conveyor


Support Wedge

Support wedge frame for clinical support


Mixing Nozzle Adapter

Adapts low-cost mixing nozzle to hypodermic tube liquid delivery


Digital Logging Rain Gauge

Digital Logging Rain Gauge


Cold Plasma Plug

Cold Plasma Plug