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The Design Innovation Hub is a unique resource for design and fabrication assistance. If you are working on a laboratory or field research problem and suspect that you need to design, fabricate, or modify a device, just send us a consultation request through this portal. We provide an initial 30 minute consultation at no cost.

In order to initiate a request, UNC users will be asked to select from a list of sponsored research chartfield accounts (don’t worry, you won’t be charged unless we complete services that you have agreed to).

IF the chartfield that you wish to use does not appear in the list (such as a departmental cost center) then please contact UNC iLab Core Support and provide them with the full chartfield string and the name of the PI or “owner” of the account.

Internal UNC RateExternal Rate

Design and Professional consultation

Engineering design, prototyping, consultation

Skilled Fabrication

Skilled fabrication

Assembly and Benchwork

General assembly and benchwork