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ACC INventure Exhibit

The BeAM Design Center was contracted by Innovate Carolina to bring their exhibit vision to life for the 2019 ACC INventure event at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.  The concept was a wave tank with representations of three different UNC start-ups in their respective littoral and tidal zones.  Detailed design and fabrication of all physical elements was carried out by BeAM staff.  Integration of graphic design and vinyl production/application was by Alphagraphics of Cary.

The tank, as well as each element of the display, was designed to be water-tight and to be able to withstand constant water motion over the course of the event.  This required extensive testing, modification, and re-testing to assure that all elements would function properly over the lifetime of the exhibit.

The wave generator used dual servo motors to move two paddles at the right-hand end of the tank.  The servos were modulated using an Arduino microcontroller with controls to vary paddle speed, range of motion, and synchronization.  This allowed the exhibitor to adjust wave formation to most closely simulate the desired conditions.